Siyakhana is a change agent for promoting health, transforming communities and enhancing environments.


South Africa is in the midst of a food insecurity crisis: many go to bed hungry; a lack of dietary diversity leads to detrimental health outcomes such as diabetes and obesity; and micronutrient deficiencies cause stunting in children, which compromises future academic ability. 

What is needed is a change agent that uproots old ideas and changes how we think, learn and practice urban food farming. And Siyakhana unequivocally achieves all of this: we tackle problems head on, offer a range of training courses, build trust and apply appropriate methods and technology.

Although Siyakhana may be perceived as being in the business of ‘plants’, we’re actually in the business of people, partnerships and potential. Essentially we’re working to promote health and enhance environments in which we live and we do this through networking with people in government, business and local communities, as well as collaborating with corporates, NGOs, Universities and schools.


Siyakhana undertakes research related to food, nutrition, urban agriculture, and more. Siyakhana staff are closely linked to several research.


WSI engages with government and civil society in order to create greater public awareness, share research findings and promote effective policy on.


WSI provides training to build capacity in the areas of food security, health promotion, nutrition, permaculture and sustainable urban agriculture.


Food gardens growing a diverse range of foods are a direct and effective way to enhance food availability and access and strengthen.

‘Keep Safe’ workshop: combatting gender-based violence

The story of Siyakhana is not only a story of permaculture, organic produce and community health promotion. It is also a story of growth: of how seeds are cultivated to develop into seedlings; of how seedlings are nurtured to flourish into viable plants, and of how...

Tigerbrands & Siyakhana: Changing Perceptions about Agriculture at North-West University (NWU)

Generally, youth are not attracted to a career in agriculture. The perception amongst many is that it is difficult to become successful, to earn a decent living through agriculture or even to establish a sustainable household or community food garden. Parents...

Gan Eiden: Giving residents a reason to flourish

Gan Eiden – Hebrew for ‘Garden of Eden’ – began with a vision to empower a group of special needs’ individuals by creating an Permaculture food garden where they could connect with nature, cultivate their own produce and hence, feel as though they’re productive,...

Siyakhana’s Achievements

Prof Michael Rudolph with co-author Florian Kroll won best oral presentation for the 6th Annual Gauteng Agricultural Research Symposium, June 2013 Awarded European Union contract, with Siyakhana Initiative/Wits as the lead institution in collaboration with two...

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