Social Development Approach
Improving food availability can be achieved through capacitating small-scale farmers and gardeners and influencing city and settlement design to give people greater access to arable land, equipment and infrastructural resources, and food retail outlets. This social development approach benefits disadvantaged people who are undernourished and do not have adequate access to supermarkets and shops in which to buy the food needed to make up a healthy diet and includes food insecure children and youth and people living with AIDS, for whom food insecurity is a paramount problem.

Trans-disciplinary Approach
Our base at highly regarded Wits University enables us to mobilize the intellectual capital of a diversity of experts. At the same time, our success in conducting effective on-the-ground work provides us with the credentials and expertise required to influence policy makers and facilitate linkages among a range of governmental departments including Agriculture and Rural Development, Economic Development, Education and Health and Social Development. These partnerships allow us to advocate effectively for changes that will have a national impact.


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