On hearing the name ‘Siyakhana’ one would most probably think of freshly harvested produce that is grown in an organic environment. And though this is precisely what Siyakhana does, it actually achieves a whole lot more. Essentially, Siyakhana promotes healthy and resilient communities and environments. And we like to think of ‘health’ as something that is approached holistically and something that everyone – regardless of race, culture or status – can achieve.

This is why the promotion of physical activity is so key to our mission. And with this objective in mind, we decided to host a ‘Boot Camp’ at the garden to build strength, fitness and morale amongst the Siyakhana farmers. Simon and Sibongile led the class and the farmers eagerly participated in the 6 hour-long cross training sessions that included light jogging, interval training and stretching.

Coupled with a healthy diet, physical activity has many tangible benefits. From weight loss, weight management and toning, through to the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and the prevention of certain cancers, engaging in some daily activity is essential for health promotion and is a key component of Siyakhana’s pursuits.

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