Wits Siyakhana was awarded the European Union Edulink contract,with Wits Siyakhana as the lead institution in collaboration with two European and two African higher education institutions. This has great significance in training future leaders in the fields of food security and social development.


Courses in Nutrition, Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture

BuildingSkillsAndCapacity_Apr_lSiyakhana offers training courses to promote health and wellness skills. Courses offers are in the areas of:Courses in nutrition, permaculture gardening, sustainable urgan agriculture

  • Permaculture Gardening
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture
  • Nutrition and Herbalism
  • Health Promotion
  • Physical Activity

The Siyakhana Initiative is committed to expanding the adoption of permaculture, sustainable livelihoods, and health-promoting wellness skills.  We provide training to members of the public interested in urban permaculture gardening, food production, renewable technologies, nutrition, physical activity, and health promotion. For more information on our courses contact us today!

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BuildingCapacityandSkillsWe offer occasional 2-5 day courses and can also be contracted to provide one-on-one trainings for organizations and companies. To enquire about our contracted training services contact us today! 2-5 day training courses will be advertised on our website – please check back periodically. You may also join our mailing list and we’ll email you when new courses are offered.

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