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Edulink EU-ACP Project The project will develop programmes to promote the exchange of experiences and kn… Read More.. EDULINK II Kick-off meeting in Johannesburg, February 2014 EMUNI University, one of our co-collaborators on the Edulink II project has posted… Read More.. AFSUN Informal Trade Siyakhana is about to embark on an exciting new research project under the auspice… Read More..

Food Security in South Africa

food-security_Apr_lAccess to sufficient food is the right of all South Africans, however today many South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity, leading to nutritional problems including stunting, low body weight, and micronutrient malnutrition. Chronically malnourished children suffer from decreased physical activity and lowered immunity. Improving access to nutritious food is a priority for addressing food insecurity. The Siyakhana Food Garden  is one intervention model that increases the availability of nutrition fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In addition to food production, the Siyakhana Initiative also undertakes research and programming to address other aspects of food security.

Edulink ACP – EU Networking for Excellence on Agriculture and Food Security

The project aims to design and implement a joint training programme in order to foster cost effective measures, including greater inter-institutional networking to provide quality universal university education and learning in the three participating Southern Africa states taking gender perspectives specifically into account. The project will develop programmes to promote the exchange of experiences and know-how in the field of education making available satisfactory ICT and research tools for professional development, training and learning. Read more…

AFSUN African Food Security Urban Network

Since 2008 Siyakhana has been the Johannesburg/ Gauteng-based partner in the African Food Security Urban Network. This is an initiative of Queens University in Ontario, Canada and the University of Cape Town and included partners in 11 cities in Southern Africa. Siyakhana was responsible for carrying out a survey of household food insecurity, poverty and health in three Joburg communities. You can learn more at AFSUN and the Johannesburg Food Insecurity findings.

Gauteng Green Economic Strategy

Siyakhana is contributing the food security section of the Green Strategic Programme for Gauteng on behalf of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, via Gauteng City Regional Observatory. This project seeks to align future sustainability policies within the province, which we hope will include targeting food and nutrition security.

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