Siyakhana Research

Health Disparities in South Africa: Breaking the Cycle through Ecological Health Promotion. Rudolph, M, Richard, N, Kroll, F. Int J Child Health Hum Dev 2014;7(3).

A Pilot Study Assessing the Impact of a Fortified Supplementary Food on the Health and Well-Being of Crèche Children and Adult TB Patients in South Africa Rudolph M, Kroll F, Beery M, Marinda E, Sobiecki J-F, et al. (2013) PLoS ONE 8(1): e55544. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055544

The relationship between Oral Candidiasis and Micronutrient Deficiency in Adult Tuberculosis patients in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Maphefo Thekiso: MDent research report 2012 Supervised by Prof Rudolph

The effect of a fortified food, e’Pap, on oral candidiasis in adult TB patients living in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South-Africa. U WAI LIN PHYO report in progress

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Evaluating the Siyakhana Garden in Bezuidenhout Park. A suitable model for urban agriculture?– Hannah Dawson, Geography and Environmental Sciences, 2008: Facilitated and assisted by M Rudolph and F. Kroll

Cooling storage system for Siyakhana. Peter Klein, Mechanical Engineering, Honours: Won prize for best assignment in 4th year Engineering- Facilitated and assisted by F. Kroll

The role of urban food gardens in creating an enabling environment for empowerment. Trixie-Belle Nicole, Masters in Development Studies, 2012) – Facilitated and assisted by M Rudolph and F. Kroll

The influence of and perceptions by key stakeholders/participants regarding the Siyakhana Food Garden. Jessica Sachs, Anthropology, Environment and Development, Masters: University College London Facilitated and assisted by M Rudolph and F. Kroll

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Productivity and Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Two Conservation Agriculture Sites in Gauteng. Synopsis report. (In progress)

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Crop biodiversity, pests, weeds, soil life at two Gauteng conservation agriculture sites. Stephanie Joost Vandewalle. Wits Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences. 2012. (Supervised by Siyakhana staff)

Water management at two Gauteng conservation agriculture sites. Nick Franz and Peter Donnan. Wits Civil and Environmental Engineering. 2012. (Supervised by F. Kroll Siyakhana)

Workflow analysis and industrial design at two Gauteng conservation agriculture sites. Dale Miller. Wits Industrial Engineering. 2012. (Supervised by Siyakhana)

The Food Environment and Food Security status of undergraduate students at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. A. Landman, E. Marinda, M. Rudolph, F. Kroll and M. Beery. December 2011.

Investigating the food security experience of financial aid students living in a self-catering residence of Esselen Street and the relationship between their food security status and their financial aid package. Mukovhe Morris Masutha. Wits Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. November 2011.

Carrying out a multifaceted research study in an under resourced community in South Africa. Moira Beery, Michael Rudolph, Florian Kroll, Geoff Douglass. (In progress)

Energy and nutrient intake of South African inner-city primary school learners: An analysis of 24-hour recalls from a nutrition transition perspective. University of Westminster. C.F. Skähr. September 2011.

The Impact of Urban Food Gardens on Health of Communities: an Evaluation of the Siyakhana Permaculture Garden. Besa Bauta, Dagmar Kostkova, Sam Parsia, Ricardo Restrepo-Guzman, Global Public Health, Masters: New York University Global Public Health Programme. Supervised by Rudolph and Kroll. (Journal article in progress. Won prize for best report in NYU Global Public Health programme. )

How Siyakhana can operate more effectively, in order to provide training to those in need as well as increase the publicity of the project Claire Brenner (School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering) and Teresa Hattingh

Informal food trade in two sites in Johannesburg. African Food Security Urban Network. (In progress)

Biochar Research Developing and Assessing Appropriate Biochar Technology for Small Emerging Farmers. (In progress)

A working monograph of medicinal research for Siyakhana garden project. Denise Kamyuka, Wits University, 2009.

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