What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system focused on creating sustainable human habitats modeled on natural, ecological patterns and processes. Permaculture integrates nature, land, buildings and people harmoniously. The result is a sustainable supply of food, medicine, energy, shelter and other needs. Read more…

Siyakhana Food Garden

The Siyakhana Food Garden, our flagship project, is regarded as one of the most successful urban food gardens in the wider Johannesburg metropole, as well as a hallmark of intersectoral collaboration. This is largely because of its mission to make far-reaching impacts at local, provincial, and national levels. It is not simply a garden; it also serves as a platform for other activities that address the following five key objectives:

  • Improving availability of a wide variety of good and nutritious food
  • Conducting relevant and appropriate action-research that is influencing policy and strategies
  • Offering training to develop capacity among emerging leaders in the area of food gardens and sustainable livelihoods
  • Engaging in advocacy and networking activities
  • Achieving financial sustainability through a self-funding social entrepreneurship model

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