Siyakhana Expertise

We have expertise in a number of areas which have an impact on sustainable urban development:

  • Public health
  • Ecological design
  • Permaculture design and management
  • Town planning
  • Community engagement
  • Food Distribution

Our base at the University of the Witwatersrand lends academic rigor to the projects we undertake. Contact us ( today to enquire about our consulting and urban design services.

Sustainable Urban Design and Development

SustainableUrbanDesign_lThe urban environment plays a huge role in shaping peoples’ health, food security and dietary habits, as well as their access to livelihood opportunities. South Africa is undergoing rapid urbanization, which places huge demands on land, water, housing, transport and employment. The excessive congestion, unfavourable living conditions and insufficient infrastructure that characterize South African urbanisation have led to environmental degradation and an increased incidence and prevalence in disease. To create healthy cities, sustainable urban design needs to be better integrated into urban planning practices.

Siyakhana offers consultation on urban agriculture design projects, master plan development, urban regeneration projects, and other ecological urban planning and urban design projects. Siyakhana offers expertise in an array of topics

Tsoloso Mamelodi Regeneration Strategy

On behalf of the City of Tshwane, via GAPP Architects and Urban Designers, Siyakhana is developing the following aspects of an updated Regeneration Strategy for Mamelodi: Food security and urban agriculture, Energy and water security, Waste management and recycling, Public and non-motorised transportation plan, and Peoples’ markets. When implemented, improvements in these five areas could make Mamelodi one of the region’s most ecologically and socially sustainable communities.

Gauteng Green Economic Strategy

Siyakhana is contributing the food security section of the Green Strategic Programme for Gauteng on behalf of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, via Gauteng City Regional Observatory. This project seeks to align future sustainability policies within the province, which we hope will include targeting food and nutrition security.

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